Dream Job

"C: What would you or do you say to people who don’t approve of this art medium?

J: Some of it is worthy of your disapproval.  But, since the dawn of man people have been putting images on walls. When it’s done well it can define your place and time.

- excerpt from a Naked Philly interview with stencil artist Joe Boruchow

Street art, used loosely and as an aggregate term for a whole lot of art forms, is one of the best parts about living in Philadelphia this summer. If I had found it soon enough, I would have asked the guy who runs this blog for an internship. 

The point Boruchow makes in this interview, though, is that street art isn’t just a product of modernity or urban delinquency, but rather is just another manifestation of a centuries-old tradition of art, communication, expression, and community representation. I dig that. Tomorrow, I’ll be meeting up with Lies, another Philly street artist, to follow him around and watch what he does. I’m so stoked. 

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